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Chess Scotland Event/ PVG
Patrick McGovern Wrote:your PVG is not legal; you need to apply again. i have the equivalent of PVG status but if i were to run or arbit at a junior event i would not have proper PVG status

Pat, how is a PVG not legal if it was issued by Disclosure Scotland?

To be able to be an Chess Scotland arbiter, the person would need to fulfill the Arbiter Critera and pass on the PVG scheme number to Chess Scotland who would then make a note of interest in the Scheme. At no stage would the person need to reapply for PVG. This was the old disclosure scheme and was thankfully scrapped as people ended up holding 8 or 9 disclosures.

How do I know this? The School I was coaching at asked me if I have PVG, took the scheme number and registered an interest in it. This is how PVG is supposed to work. You have a single scheme number and they are notified if something in your status changes. Disclosure did not work this way and was badly flawed in that I could get disclosure and "do something" that would cancel that, but it would not have come to light until it was refreshed normally 3 or more years later.

We don't have a scheme for tournament organizers so I am not sure how it would work as Ian has mentioned.

I suppose you can take the situation where you have juniors at the club. Does the whole club have to be PVG'd?
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