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Chess Scotland Event/ PVG
while I'm at it what constitutes a Chess Scotland event and is the SNCL a Chess Scotland event. The reason I ask is that I cant tell which events are under the Chess Scotland umbrella.

I have had my PVG from Disclosure Scotland but I haven't registered it with Chess Scotland because quite frankly I felt I didn't need to. My indication from Disclosure Scotland is that I am answerable to them alone but I am going to double check this. From a tournament organiser point of view does that mean I have to bar myself from running or bar Juniors from playing in it. Dr Phil Thomas is a qualified and most competent arbiter so does this mean I cant use him as an arbiter? There was an occasion this year when the arbiter was running late and Michael Hanley stepped in. Again does this mean I cant do this or is for Chess Scotland events only. if this is the case what are the advantages of having a chess Scotland run event if it puts an extra overhead on the tournament. I honestly don't see why an arbiter has to be registered with Chess Scotland and why my PVG has to be registered with Chess Scotland either

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