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Richardson/Spens 2011-12
"The problem here is that the vote is undertaken by all clubs many of whom are players of lower strength and who simply have no idea the level of preparation someone 2100+ typically puts into preparation for a game"

Are you saying that clubs with the strongest playing pools should have a bigger say than a small club?
That is very dangerous ground you are walking. If you follow this line then I can say because I have played in two World Blind Championships 2 European Championships, 1 blind olympiad soon to be 2 and 1 braille world cup then the logic of what was said would say that I should have a bigger say. look at the mess the SPL is in because it allows a certain 2 clubs to dictate policy. That is what is being suggested.

I do not believe that 2100+ prepare all that thoroughly for league match. I cannot believe that they would prepare right up to the start of a match. That would be stupid, for they would arrive at a match exhausted and that would not be good for the team. Best thing is little or no preparation on the morning of a game, a good nights sleep befor the game and if timn allows, then a short walk before the start to clear the mind

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