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going forward....
WBuchanan Wrote:I don’t see that at all, Derek. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but as I understand it a complaint was made in some way to CS officials and it was passed to the SC as the body that it should have been brought to. That doesn't change who the complainants are, surely?

My understanding is that a complaint was made but the actual decision to refer it to the Standards Committe was made by 2 of the 3 people on the committee and not by the original complainant (although I may be mistaken in that).

The original complainant was advised by one of these 2 that the original complainant was not party to the proceedings, which backs this up.

We therefore have the situation where the people who decide to refer the issue are also making judgements on the case, which doesn't seem correct to me.

Just to clarify that I am not making any comment on any decisions but just that there should be a greater segregation of duties to put it in accounting speak. It's possibly a case of too many people wearing too many hats due to a lack of volunteers but it's something that will hopefully be looked at.

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