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Data Protection query
Quote:There was no apparent need to discuss my PVG status on the notice board.

correct Phil, but you yourself said the following.

Quote:There have been some rumblings recently about my Disclosure Status.
So for the record. My PVG status can be confirmed on line as follows.

Go to ECF website
Look up list of ECF arbiters
Find me under ‘T’
this was an open invitation, unbidden, by Phil re his status.

Quote:Was Pat expecting me to be removed? or was this a coincidence? Or is he tracking me with a dedication to the task that one normally admires only in the grazing of sheep and never in a cyber stalker?
this actually made me laugh out loud Big Grin If i were a stalker i would stalk someone more interesting and more attractive than Phil. I have a life, hopefully more interesting and more fulfilling that i would need to follow Phils inane rants. For the record the past few posts involving me and Phil have come about from Phil responding to me, not the other way about. Phil is deliberately trying to elicite responses from me. His previous rants re PVG were ignored by me as, frankly, i really dont care one way opr another about Phil's status apart from his membership of CS.
Again for the record, I was the only one to welcome Phil back when his impending membership was a possibility. I also praised Phil's contributions as a coach. I have no personal gripe against Phil, i do however object to his ill judged comments and slurs on the noticeboard. Perhaps at future congresses Phil may wish to adress matters with me, i will be only to happy to seek an amicable end to this ridiculous waste of time. I know others on this board are sick to the back teeth reading about one childish thing after another. Over and out. =|

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