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Data Protection query
Patrick McGovern Wrote:that's a great idea Andy =) I hope Phil gets his membership and comes along with us

I won’t be attending the agm in any capacity. Instead I will be in England starting the processes necessary to get myself back onto the list of ECF disclosed arbiters.

You may recall this posting by Pat McGovern on Thursday 11th July about my disclosure status.

“However in order to keep yourself "legal" might I suggest that you check it out? It may save possible embarrassment at future events”

Pat wondered recently why I think its “all about me” well that comment above definitely was. There was no apparent need to discuss my PVG status on the notice board. The ECF, then and now, accept that my PVG certificate is valid for their child protection purposes.

As a result of that thread the ECF were contacted by a notice board member (I am 90% certain who it was - based upon my discussions with the ECF). The ECF decided to remove me from their list of arbiters because (many months earlier) my appointment to that list had not been formally rubber stamped by the ECF board.

Curious to note that at 8.36 on the morning following my removal from the ECF list, Pat noticed that I was not on the list and informed notice board readers of that fact. Was Pat expecting me to be removed? or was this a coincidence? Or is he tracking me with a dedication to the task that one normally admires only in the grazing of sheep and never in a cyber stalker?

From private e mails flying around in the background at present it is clear that Chess Scotland feel unable to reveal the name of the individual who admitted an assault upon a junior international – That assault is not a mere rumour - for confirmation that there was an assault see the Standards Committee publication dated April 30th and the minutes of the recent council meeting or talk to those present at the council meeting they know far more than appears in the minutes.

The harassment of me by Pat McGovern in the PVG thread can leave readers with the impression that I was the guilty official. This is unfortunate and most readers will find it hard to believe that this would have been Pat’s intention. However, there has been a delay in getting back onto the ECF list (the purpose of my trip South which clashes with the AGM).

In summary the PVG thread with discussions on my PVG status makes me look guilty by innuendo. I have not been abroad working for CS since Summer 2011. I am not the guilty CS official.

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