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AGM Candidates
Jim Webster Wrote:HOW you plan to deal with this issue.
I'm not standing for election but in my opinion the only way unfortunately for this situation to be resolved is for all the people responsible for the politics and the bickering on both sides to realise that they are perpetuating the problem, step back voluntarily and sort out their personal differences with fellow chess players outside the umbrella of Chess Scotland and let other people who are 'clean' that they trust fill in the voids. I am already 'dirtying' myself just being involved in this debate.

Chess 'politics' should be about chess rather than politics. What I mean by that is decisions need to be made on the basis of what will improve the standard and participation of chess at all levels rather than point scoring between 2-5% of the officials at the top.

I do emphasise it has to be done voluntarily rather than them being picked out individually and told since it will only continue the chain of resentment into the future.

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