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State of Scottish Chess
Just a quick thread raising some points about the state of chess in Scotland today.

A while ago I posted up a thread asking if chess in Scotland was in decline. This thread had 0 responses.

From what I can see, it does look like numbers playing chess at a club level have decreased. There will be exceptions to this with certain clubs but overall this would appear to be the case.

For Chess in Scotland: What can be done to rectify this? Or, if I'm wrong and there is not a "decline", then what can be done to increase numbers regardless?

Also what can Chess Scotland, as the national body, do to promote the game?

I seldom look at this noticeboard, but was surprised to see a couple of days ago (and today) so much infighting and argument. A lot of stuff that goes well beyond rational debate.

If I was a member of the public looking at these forums with an interest in chess, this would put me right off. It wouldn't be so bad if it was just confined amongst a small number of people who contribute on the forums (as most players will not contribute on here). The fact it goes to the heart of Chess Scotland, however, is concerning. Talk of "directors" taking legal action against other "directors", and reports not being able to submitted prior to a council meeting as they are (or could be) libellous is not acceptable.

I don't know who is right who is wrong, or even what the issues are, I don't even want to know, the point is such things are damaging to chess in Scotland.

Leave your egos at the door.

There is far to much politics involved in Scottish chess (and egos). Everyone should be working towards the same goal.

Going back to my original point; in my opinion, the biggest objective of Chess Scotland should be to promote chess in Scotland amongst adults and juniors.

Just my opinions, I would be interested to hear others thoughts on the points raised herein.

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