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Jessie Gilbert
Dear All

We have 4 weeks left to the Jessie Gilbert Celebration International
Open. We have confirmed the following GM's:

Aleksandar Berelowitch (Germany) - 2546 in July 2013
Michael Feygin (Germany) - 2533 in July 2013
Bogdan Lalic (Croatia) - 2489 in July 2013
Ilmars Starostits (Latvia) - 2480 in July 2013

The tournament is set for 11 rounds over 9 days. This is a deliberate
structure to enable players to either avoid playing 2 games per day (on
the 2 days it happens) or to enable them to play in another event and
come to our for the start of round 3, without losing the logistical
chance of a norm. Players will be allowed up to 2 half point byes each
provided that they book them before the end of the previous round - and
with the proviso that any byes for round 7 and beyond must be made by
the end of round 6.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... s_info.htm</a><!-- m -->

There is some very limited shared room private house accommodation
available if anyone is interested. Free unlimited wifi there as part of
the deal. CR5 2SU if you want to check out the area on googlemaps-
close to the town centre and venue but very private cul-de-sac (parking
easy). Please email if interested. £20 per night B&B - or £25 if you
want evening meal as well. Other accommodation available at:
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Kind regards

Scott Freeman
CCF Activities Coordinator
English Chess Federation Accredited Coach & Arbiter
FIDE International Organiser & Arbiter
(CCF is an English Chess Federation Centre of Excellence)

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