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Arkadij Naiditsch and Chess in Scotland
David this will cost 2500 Euro at least

12.8.1 The teams shall be composed of six players all of whom must be members of the club and
were entitled to play for the club in the national team championship of the federation which was
organized within one year before the start of the current European Club Cup. However, players who
are foreigners to the federation in which the national team championship is organized, must have
played at least two games in this championship. Foreigners are defined as those which are either
belonging to another federation in the FIDE Rating List valid at the start of the national team
championship or have a permanent residence outside the federation in which this national team
championship is organized.
12.8.2 If a participating club wants to include a player who does not fulfill the requirements of
article 1.2 the club has to pay an amount of 2500 Euro (1000 Euro for the women event) to ECU.
These players have to be announced to the Tournament Director before the deadline for nomination
of teams and the extra fee has to be paid to ECU before start of the competition. In the open
competition no more than two players, in the women's competition no more than one female player,
may be replaced.

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