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The following is intended as a series of comments rather than questions.

Maybe I’m becoming out of touch as I become older but, in the age of this celebrity culture thing, is it now considered to be acceptable for someone to be photographed whilst standing smiling at someone’s graveside?

I refer to the photograph of Andrew Muir which adorns the front cover of the recent edition of our Scottish Chess magazine. I know many people like to have pictures taken whilst visiting some tourist site or other (I’ve done this myself) but have we really reached the stage where someone’s grave is to be treated as if were just another such tourist site? Perhaps others may disagree but I find this to be both disrespectful and tasteless. Pictures of the graves of Alekhine, Capablanca and others have been published in numerous sources and indeed pictures Fischer’s headstone and grave have also been provided in various publications (New in Chess provided one not so long ago) but this?

These comments are in no way intended as criticisms of either Peter Woods who provides us with an excellent magazine or Andrew who is to be commended upon his achievements in Iceland (I’ve actually voted for him in the ballot for CS Player of the Year). As I say, these are just comments.

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