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Council meeting
All too often (especially those that go 200up) players that do well one season simply do not do so well (in terms of improving their grade) in the next season, both because actual development often goes in fits and starts but also because the grading system over-estimates their performance. You got to member that sometimes players jump forward simply because they are playing catch up - they had a poor season last year, stopped playing for six months or whatever.

My concern is that focusing on grade rise tends to lead to a short term approach, where your gain last season becomes irrelevant this season. Sure use it to flag up someone that is worth paying attention to but you need to look behind it so see what is actually going on.

I think it is important to define what selection is trying to do. Is it to reward players for achieving a certain goal at the cutoff date for selection? Is it to try and define who is most likely to score most points at the specific event in 4 - 6 months time? Or is it to try and find the player most likely to benefit from taking part?

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