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Council meeting
Mike Scott Wrote:The alternative to selecting players based on their five best results, selected with hind sight, the selectors could nominate at the start of the season a selection of events for players in the squad to play at least five from to be considered for selection and their performances at these events becomes a major selection criteran.

This not only tests their chess ability but their ability to turn up at a specific event and perform on the day - as they will have to for the event they are hoping to be selected for.

At these events selectors would attended and observe the players and provide coaching after the games and if practical before. This would both help the selectors get to know the players but gets the players partly used to the routine involved in major events.

It is only appropriate for players above a certain age or ability but it is something they do in swimming and it seems to work.

I was under the impression that this is more or less what is already happening.

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