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Scottish Blitz 2013
With limited time available, due to now being in honours years at university, I have unfortunately been unable to find a main sponsor for the Scottish Blitz 2013. I am exploring a different way of raising funding and sponsorship by creating a Kickstarter page for the Scottish Blitz this year. The page allows both individuals to donate and companies to purchase sponsorship packages through a transparent method.

Here is the link:

Official website:

I would love to be able to have the opportunity to build upon the successful blitz last year and bring real attention to chess in Scotland - from both an external and internal point of view. Sponsorship made up 40% of total revenue for the tournament last year and as such I have set a minimum aim of raising £1,000... so if you would like to see the event go ahead and progress from last year, then please donate (minimum £1) or pass the link onto individuals/companies who might see potential. I have set 60 days as a deadline to raise the amount as this will allow enough time to organise.

As a brief outline of aims; I would like to see entries pass the 100 mark. I feel this can be achieved by reducing entry fees and bringing titled players to the tournament as this is what will encourage chess... for both adults and juniors, the possibility of playing top Grandmasters is exciting. Naiditsch has confirmed that he will be playing for free if the event goes ahead (and I think he may be coming to play a simul sometime soon!) as he enjoyed last year's blitz so much, which is certainly a good start.

If you have any suggestions or questions please let me know!

Many thanks,


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