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Equipment for Disabled Players
I suppose the argument is Should Chess Scotland be expected to provide equipment for disabled players?

My concern is a real one and that is where does it stop? If we get the talking clocks then by the same argument we need to buy tactile boards so we have the equipment. We would also need to purchase dictaphones for recording moves.

There there are people who have other conditions that prevent them from keeping score. If we are helping one group then we really have to help the others or we are actually discriminating. So add Mon Roi's to the shopping list.

I can't think of anything else but I'm sure others can.

There then is the question of where it is stored? As it is at the moment the kit is passed on from congress to congress, I hold the DGT boards but what would we do with the specialized Kit. I certainly would not want to see it used in congresses as we need it for when someone really needs it.

We really need to work out all the equipment we need for this and I would suggest we then approach the lottery fund. They really love funding this kind of stuff. Is it the right thing to do? I would say yes, I am not against this but it has to be done properly and not willy nilly.
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