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Equipment for Disabled Players
StevieHilton Wrote:David,
Going through the various postings on this thread, I noticed you missed out a couple of facts about the BCA in regards to its fees structure.
1/ The BCA is a registered Charity
2/ They use a professional fundraiser paid on a commission basis Something for CS to consider
3/ When you become a registered charity membership fees have to be kept low.


I was simply highlighting that the BCA seems to give very good value for money.

On point 2, it is something I have briefly discussed with one or two others in relation to Prestwick and CS activities and is something I would like to investigate further, if I am still in the finance role in the future.

Points 1 and 3 are also worth considering, however having followed the ECF debate on a similar issue, I thought at the time that moving CS in that direction could cause more problems than it would solve. This was prior to our own AGM last year and I haven't looked into any further since taking the finance role.

On the DGT v more expensive clock I think you buy what you need. At the moment we do not need clocks that have the talking facility. If we need clocks now it makes more sense to buy the cheaper ones that serve us well enough just now.

I do think that CS could work closer with the BCA and other organisations (not necessarily chess organisations) which work with people who are visually impaired or have some other disability. In a way there is a similar argument for introducing chess to this section of our communities as there is to introducing chess in schools. We have information on the website for schools, juniors and new clubs, is there anything there for disabled people.

Can I also ask (and please excuse my ignorance) is it okay to use "disabled" or am I being unconciously offensive to people. My apologies if I have been.
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