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Equipment for Disabled Players
George Murphy Wrote:No. I'm not suggesting you fund it. I was thinking more along the lines of Chess Scotland: Steve insists CS must help....

But, Jonathan has put his finger on a tender point. This particular clock would not cater for increments? Pity.

This is one of the issues I think. I'm pretty sure that if a clock could be purchased for £30 which does what is needed for a disabled player to take part in an incremental-time-control event, then it could be considered a reasonable allocation of funds to get a couple for use at congresses. However, digital clocks which can be used seem to cost a whole lot more (£140+ according to Steve). As unfortunate as that is, I do not think it should stop an event from having such time controls if it's what the majority of players want to see. Perhaps events could say to the disabled players that if they invest themselves in the technology then the events will offer them an entry discount for a few years to help offset the cost?

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