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George Thomson Wrote:
Andrew McHarg Wrote:I don't think anyone has the right to refuse to play on a particular set just because they don't like the idea of their games being broadcast online. Most congress entry forms suggest that the organisers have the final say in such matters, and I think they should exert that authority.
I do not agree, therein lies the problem. Some people, myself included may feel (rightly or wrongly)that there is added pressure when their game is going online.
I believe that if you decide not to play on these boards then that should be your right.
There probably will not be too many people who will feel this way but surely they have rights to their opinion.
After all some people on this noticeboard are always harping on about the rights of "the minorities".

Well look at the world of professional sport. Imagine if a particular tennis player refused to play in front of cameras (or spectators) because it distracted him? Should he be allowed to demand that he doesn't play under those circumstances? Sure he can refuse to play, in which case he should lose the match by default. He can't - however - expect everyone just to do as he pleases.

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