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In the past I have had players reluctant to hand over scoresheets as they could be used by opponents in preparation. Some of these players were happy to do so if a bulletin was being produced but unhappy if only the chess press were getting access. FIDE now insists that in norm tournaments the game scores are put in the public domain.

I would have little sympathy with any player who is offered conditions and refuses to do a relatively simple thing to promote the event. If no conditions are on offer and the entry form doesn’t warn of the requirement then the player may have more grounds to object.

The usefulness of this course of action may be limited in this age of forums. Already one of the games has been published. This could have happened for all of the games and taken place within minutes of the end of the game had the opponents so wished. That would have negated what appears to be the main reason for taking the action but could have soured relationships between players.

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