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Recognition for Chess in Scotland
I'll try not to turn this into a rant.

Basically, I think that chess doesn't receive the recognition it deserves in Scotland... I'm sure this was exactly what was discussed when looking into funding possibilities.

The reason I'm bringing this up again is that I'm treasurer for Edinburgh University Chess Club and we are going to be unable to defend our BUCA title in 2013 due to financial reasons. If such an important University fails to recognise chess then what hope is there? The only reason we entered a team this year was that we managed to secure sponsorship to cover the £200 team entry fee from a private company.

We then approached the University for funding as we are now British champions and received no financial support. OK, fair enough, they gave us a pat on the back and a mention in monthly uni magazine (only doing so because Raj who works at the Uni spoke to the Rector I believe). If we were a sports club in the Union's eyes then we would receive funding... We are seen as less than clubs such as Ultimate Frisbee (no disrespect meant!) who get all their expenses paid for.

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