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The Commonwealth Championships are coming to Scotland Thread
andyburnett Wrote:
Alex McFarlane Wrote:Further to Andy's request, if anyone has anything on the 2012 Scottish that appeared in odd places can they let us know (or better send a scanned copy).

With regard to the exact timing that is still uncertain.

I have been in touch with the Welsh about avoiding a clash with the S Wales Open and I would hope that we can arrange something with the English but that may depend on who is elected at the ECF AGM in October. Ideally it would be good if a (foreign) player could do the circuit South Wales-Commonwealth-British (Major Open) and then off to the Olympiad.

Does that mean the Scottish will be incorporated into the Commonwealth?

That is the current plan as organising two major tournaments within two week gives me the hives! We are looking to keep the entry costs much to what it has been for the Scottish. There is also the subsidary junior events as well (just to keep Robin Happy). Alex will correct me but i think it is U16, U14, U12, U10 and U8?
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