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AGM Motion 5
Alex McFarlane Wrote:2) It also means that the possibility exists for an unrated player to win the Scottish and to use his nine games to become registered for another federation but still win the title and for this to have been known in advance.
3) Players with partials would be allowed to win the title even if these are not for SCO.
4) Many players appear on the list under the federation in which their first rating event was held. Why should red tape prevent such a player from winning the Championship.

These points are not serious criticisms of the motion. OK the wording is poor and should say something like "Eligibility for the title of Scottish Champion is restricted to players with a FIDE affiliation to Scotland" rather than terms like ELO.

Point 2 and 3 about unrated players. The registration procedure for all FIDE rated events in Scotland takes great trouble to ask all FIDE unrateds to which country do they want to be registered - regardless of their country of residence. They will already have the relevant parent or residency status before we will permit them to choose Scotland. (It may be grandparent too if we can ever resolve that particular point).

Point 4. It is beyond belief that a genuine Scot who has been registered incorrectly under a different country - say when playing their first FIDE event outside this country will at no point prior to their shock win of the title have ever checked their FIDE online record. The Scottish Championships entries secretary will have listed all participating players online with their FIDE country of affiliation as happened this year. That misidentified player has a host of chances to point out to CS he has been registered incorrectly.

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