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AGM Motion 5
Motion 5

If a player has an ELO-rating with a country other than SCO then they are not eligible
to be Scottish Champion.

Proposer Andrew Muir
Seconder Andrew Burnett

Am I the only one who is slightly uneasy about this motion?

I can understand why some people do not think Jacob should be eligible to be Scottish champion after his decision to switch back to being Danish registered but there may be other people in the future who will be hit by this who probably should be eligible to be Scottish champion e.g. was Keti registered as SCO when she won in 2003?

Also I am not sure it makes sense for Jacob not to be eligible living in Bearsden but Matthew Turner to be eligible living in Somerset. To my mind either both should be eligible or neither.

If the intention is just to stop Jacob being eligible then I think people need to be more exact about why they don't think he should be eligible and any motion should reflect this.

(To be pedantic I think the motion should also refer to FIDE rating rather than ELO rating. FIDE ratings are an example of ELO ratings but you can have ELO ratings which are not FIDe ratings. CS grades are arguably just adjusted ELO ratings.)

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