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AGM Motion 2
Thanks for the links, Heather. I quote the following:

Quote:"Now the BCF EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING which we promised to come back to. It was called specifically to approve the 2008-9 Accounts which ought to have been dealt with at the BCF AGM of October 2009. Let us quote from our report of said meeting. "[This meeting]... might... have approved some accounts if [they] had been available. These will require a BCF meeting all to themselves, tacked on to the April [2010] ECF meeting. Do you know, we think we've said that before. Yes, there it is, at the end of last year's AGM." We had. So that's twice running the October BCF meeting has had no Accounts available. That's not good, but it gets worse. The 2007-8 ones did actually appear, six months late, at the Extraordinary meeting of April 2009. The 2008-9 ones, however... were still missing. CEO: "This is extremely embarrassing."

Is this typical of the organisation that we want to entrust the assets of CS to?

Would it be possible for either the proposer or seconder of the motion to have a go at answering the questions in the OP? Thanks. =)

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