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AGM Motion 2
I have some questions on Motion 2.

Quote:The following two motions are because of a failed attempt to gain lottery funding. We have been advised that they need to be changed if we want to be successful in the future. Amendment are in bold.
We wish to amend 14.7 to read “A Special General Meeting may be called for the purpose of dissolving Chess Scotland following the procedure of 14.1 or 14.2 . Should a motion to dissolve succeed, any assets would be transferred to the BCF in trust until such time as a new organisation in Scotland is formed.

1. Who advised that this change required to be made?

2. What was the specific advice that was received?

3. What functions do the BCF currently carry out? I know very little about them

4. Who is on the Board of Directors of the BCF?

5. Have the BCF given confirmation that they are willing to act as trustees?

6. Under what circumstances would Chess Scotland be dissolved before a new organisation be formed? Surely a new organisation would always be formed first?

7. What happens in the event that assets are transferred and two separate organisations are formed? How would the BCF know which to transfer the assets to?

8. If a new organisation is set up before Chess Scotland was dissolved then would CS be forced to transfer the assets to BCF first rather than directly to the new organisation, given the wording of the proposal? Would it preclude the transfer of assets directly to the new organisation?
(I refuse to use the term “newco” :U )

Thanks in advance.

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