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Looking for Suitable Responses
On a first reading my thoughts were "Is this a spoof that Andy has fallen for?"
Having checked that we are not quite at 1st April yet I will answer.

Defending Russia and Belarus seems a strange strategy.  Supporting countries that will not have a vote, whilst attacking those with one is an odd way of promoting your cause.

Jersey and Guernsey are not part of Britain as claimed.  If you are combining all of these into one group then politically should you be ignoring the overseas territories?

If you do accept that Scotland, England and Wales should be combined into the United Kingdom for FIDE purposes is it fair to leave Northern Ireland as part of another country altogether?

Why do they mention the (alleged) sins of the previous administration as if it is the fault of the current one?

Nigel Short, who they seem to say is a good guy, is now part of the current administration.  Having praised him they seem to be looking for another candidate to stand for President.

They also don't say how combining the British Isles into one country with only one vote will make FIDE more democratic.  The named countries do not always vote in the same way.  FIDE has 201 members, at least 195 of which have a vote.  Taking away 4 votes will obviously make FIDE much more democratic as they would just need 95 countries to support them instead of a massive 97. 

What do they hope to gain?

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