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Scottish National Online Chess League (SNOCL)
Congratulations to all the league winners for the first SNOCL tournament. We will be back next year with the same format.
We will defer to the SNCL in order for them to use their dates and will run our event on slightly different dates so OTB and the SNCL is up and running.
Two teams will be promoted/demoted in each division.
Teams captains will be sent a short survey asking for comments and suggestions. If anyone else would like to comment then please contact myself.
SNOCL Champions this year are Bon Accord.

Tournament results here

The Blitz this year was won by Neil Berry so he's the inaugural SNOCL Blitz champion.
Tournament details can be found here

The next event will be a regional chess league possibly on a Sunday or a Tuesday (avoiding the 4NCL) Details to follow and is dependeant on the results of the survey
We could have it as a team challenge with two games in a session or similarly to the SNOCL . Either way we will be using the LMS as the admin service. Any tems or leagues wishing to use the LMS for their own leagues and club championships, please let me know.

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