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GM Sarunas Sulskis - Prestwick 2012
The Saturday night event and the GM Sulskis talk and simul are open to all, regardless of whether they are participating in the weekend congress or not. Entry is free, although I am asking for a donation of £5 towards the costs.

It would be helpful if those planning to attend would let me know in advance, so I have an idea of numbers for the buffet that will be provided but if you and all your relatives and friends turn up on the night we'll probably let you in.

There has been a good deal of interest in the event from among the 51 other Prestwick entrants (Sarunas Sulskis not included among them, although he is very excited about the whole event).

Places at the simul will cost just £10.

This is primarily a social event, so we're expecting a bit of banter, a laugh and an enjoyable evening. Don't expect complete silence, boring lectures and a serious evening. From what I hear I will be most surprised if the GM doesn't have a small refreshment while he's playing. His opponents are very welcome to have a small refreshment too, although Kai, Andrew and any other juniors taking part will be restricted to soft drinks.

I am also reliably informed that we may have a problem getting Mr Sulskis to stop talking so there will be a bit of flexibility with timings.

The function suite will be open from around 7.30pm, with a start time of between then and maybe 8pm for the festivities (talk/simul/bounce games/dancing if you want though don't think there will be any music, unlesss someone wants to sing). The bar is open to 12:30am, no flexibility there I'm afraid, by which time we're hoping that the simul may have finished. Big Grin

The Parkstone still have some rooms available for those who may find themselves a bit emotional at the end of the evening and there are plenty of other hotels, guest houses and B&B's just a short stagger from the event. The Hollies near the main street in Prestwick may still have some rooms available at the preferntial rates available to chess players. See <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> for more details.

For those not staying over and travelling by public transport, the train station is a five minute walk away from the Parkstone (if you walk slowly). The last train to Glasgow Central (you better catch that one cause there's not going to be another one) leaves at 6 minutes past 11 and gets you to Central Station before midnight. Going the other way, the 00:17 will take you as far as Ayr, whilst the 23:25 stops at Ayr, Maybole, Girvan, Barrhill (didn't even know it had a train station - might take a train trip there myself one day, when I'm bored) and Stranraer.
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