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Capturing the King
(08-07-2017, 03:52 PM)Alex Gillies Wrote: Questions re this  for John /other Arbiters :

In allegro I have saw many times opponents take the king and lose.   Looking back I don't recall any of them actually press or stop the clock.  

Is that your experience as an arbiter?

Also I was advised that clock must be pressed or stopped to lose. Can you confirm that they do in fact have to press the clock to lose?  If that is indeed the case,  that would suggest many results are unnecessarily been agreed as loses as they would have the option to move the piece or if illegal make another move.
the ruling as I understand it is that you put up your hand to get the arbiter's attention. If you take the king you lose unless it is checkmate as checkmate signals the end of the game, in which case it would be pointless anyway to take the game. I believe you can pause the clock ( as opposed to resetting or stopping the clock) but I'm not 100% sure on this.
Before anyone points out the definition of stopping the clock ( as opposed to pausing it) means the clock cannot be restarted or "un paused"

If the arbiter decides that pausing the clock is interfering with the normal game, he can award the game to the opponent.  Have I got it right Ken?

This rule is a bit of an arse as well as more recent rules which habe been questioned.

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