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2020 Chess Qualifer Edinburgh 5th Nov (Team Allegro)
The date has now been moved to Sat 22nd Oct for this. I am not the Team Captain for our club, but we entered a team of good playing strength when it was scheduled for the 5th Nov. The new date now clashes with Scarborough and we have lost 1 player at least due to that. It is also during the October school holidays, resulting in a loss of 3 more players for us. Seems almost certain we now have to withdraw due to the changed date.

None of our players even considered playing in the other event in the West of the country on the same date. With the new clashes it seems inevitable the Team Allegro in Edinburgh is going to be diluted in terms of entry/quality.

All very regrettable really. We seem to have endless calendar issues and clashes with something or other be it Junior/Home/other territory events. The Team Allegro was something worthwhile, particularly for the East where we seem to have clearly established is in a bad state for weekend events. I appreciate the organisers have tried to be 'PC' about things here, but I am not convinced they needed to be or have done the right thing.

The East and the West are so far apart for most chess players, impact is often minimal and this is a disappointing chain of events.

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