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EYCC 2016
Spirits were high as we entered day one in our Universis Scotland shirts. With the draw only going up at 12, prep was rushed, but we managed. Round one is always difficult and this event was no different. The squad finished with 2 out of 11 but it could have been more. Carolina (seeded number three in her event) was a rook up only to blunder a mate in one during the fourth hour of play. It was a heart breaking loss considering she had rejected an earlier draw offer. I am sure we will see plenty of wins from this little star in the remaining rounds. Her big sister, Monica, crushed her opponent (who outrated her by 400 points) in 20 moves. Finally, Ioannis dismantled his 2200 rated opponent with a tactical flurry after a nervy start. To summarise, two large scalps and lots of hard fought games. Bring on day two!

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