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Largs Viking Chess Congress
andyburnett Wrote:If there must be a tiebreak it should be based on +/- difference between TPR and rating (unless there's a problem with that I haven't spotted?)

What you've suggested, Andy, would be a sensible way (though not the only way) to determine a rating prize; but if you're talking about deciding first prize (or some other 'absolute' prize in a tournament), then it should be all about the absolute performance rather than performance relative to one's rating.

That said, I agree with the overall point that money prizes should generally not be decided via tie-break in the first place - unless it's a play-off where the players have the opportunity to determine their outcome. For most events though, I think that by far the fairest way of doing things is simply to share the prize money in the event of a tie, and only use a tie-breaker for things like trophies and official titles.

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