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Alan Tate Wrote:One game a week with no prizes? Perfect for club and hobby players.

I'd also like to see something in the underused Edinburgh CC but I guess that avenue has already been explored.

Musselburgh is fine for people who drive but cycling or bussing do not really appeal.

I suppose I should get both trophies engraved so they are ready to be picked up when the time comes.

One game a week with no prizes is not necessarily a target market for club/hobby players? How many chess players in Scotland are actually making a living from their chess playing though? That must be a very low number, and whatever your rating, most if not almost all of us are in truth club/hobby players on some level?

Not sure why we are talking about Musselburgh, but it also has a train station and is all of 3-4 miles approx. from Edinburgh city centre. Not the worst place to get to?

I await the details of this new individual event with great interest, but just hope it has no restrictions and draws some reasonable playing strength. An issue I frequently feedback to the Lothian League Council is that 2 of the 3 club/team events we have are not inclusive of stronger players, and are actually reducing the available players by a significant number. I.e. the Allegro Lge which is in decline has an average team rating cap of 1500. The Summer Knockout Cup with its handicap system makes it a less desirable event for many to interest them in playing. And if your looking to be competitive in this event as a club, playing stronger players is counter productive and reduces your chances of progressing through the rounds.

In summary two thirds or 66.6% of the team events significantly exclude our strongest players. Madness???

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