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Scottish Tournaments - bring back the Challengers?
Re: Transitioning School Players to Clubs. We've been discussing this problem at LJC - probably the most successful part of our programme is the LJC team events, but when the primary kids go to high school, like Hamish describes thats it - they're gone. We tried to address this by running secondary team events this year, but we've found the majority are new kids taking the game up at secondary school.

One option we've discussed is to run some form of regular team event just for juniors at clubs. The train of thought would be that by having a competition just for junior clubs (on a very similar format to our team days which we run three times a year), would give a place for juniors (and there friends) to play together. And that it'd give clubs an immediate place for their juniors to play in a team competition.

At the moment, we lack evidence that this would help - I would be interested to hear if any of the clubs (not just Lothians), thought this competition would help or would be something they would consider entering?
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