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Richardson Cup mysteries
Thanks to Alan McGowan there is some great stuff recently added to the archives especially the article on Allan Glens’ where the photos are particularly interesting.
The Richardson is now covered in great depth all the way back to 1899 and it led me to the following queries which I wonder if anyone knows the answers to:
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1. We don’t have any individual game results in the final for e.g. 1961-1969 so we don’t know who the Glasgow and Glasgow University Union teams were during this period.
2. Edinburgh was very successful up to 1960 – Was D Simpson the same person that appeared in 1904 through the 1930s all the way to 1958? He looks old in the photo in 1958. Maybe Geoff Chandler can do an autobiography?
3. Was Jim Dick (1973 winner) ever heard of again after he left Scotland abruptly about the same time as Shergar and Lord Lucan? Could he be tracked down as a missing person?

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