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SGM - Constitution

The Constitution Working Party has now completed the work on the revised constitution and have submitted the completed document to Chess Scotland in order that it be presented at the SGM to be held on Saturday June 18th 2016.

Chess Scotland has introduced a formal Proxy Voting Form to be used for the registration of ALL proxy votes – this will also be available for download and submission to the Executive Director. All Proxy votes must be registered by 23.59pm on Saturday June 11th 2016.

All affiliated clubs, leagues and other organisations are also required to submit a completed Proxy Vote Form. Chess Scotland is currently in the process of allocating PNUMs to all affiliates so that they can be verified against the membership database.

The SGM will be held at Petal Meeting Rooms (Floor 3), The Connal Building,
34 West George Street, Glasgow, G2 1DA from 12:00 to 14:00 on Saturday 18th June, 2016

The motion for the meeting is β€œTo accept and adopt, the Constitution 2016 as developed by the Constitution Working Party, presented both to Council and Members for review.”

Proposed by Jim Webster
Seconded by Hamish Glen and Gerald Lobley
"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"

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