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Stewarton Bonnet Guild Allegro 2016
We are now just four weeks away from this years Stewarton Bonnet Guild Allegro.

This is our thirtieth year of holding the event and we are trying to make this year special - with your help.
There are special discounts for past winners of the Open event and discounts for new and returning players as well as free entries for some juniors – all the details are on the back of the entry form.
And we will be giving prizes among our regular players as well.
In addition we have extended our family discount to grandparents.

Despite the news we had been given last year about the Youth Centre closing, we have been able to stay in the same venue – Stewarton Annick Youth and Community Centre and we hope to see you at the event again this year.

The full entry form is available from the CS calendar pages and by email from myself if you request a copy

We will be loading the list of entrants to the CS Calendar pages as well so if you have entered and your name does show up within a day then let me know - we will keep it as up to date as we can.

Any queries please email me
John Montgomery
Stewarton Chess Club
In Co-operation with Stewarton Bonnet Guild
Invite you to the
To be held in The Stewarton Annick Youth & Community Centre, Standalane, Stewarton
On Sunday 12th June 2016

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