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question re blitz chess draw by repetition
Alan Tate Wrote:Black making a move, means that he has accepted the move by White, therefore White can claim a win based on Black making an illegal move - but only if Black completes the move by pressing the clock! A move is after all, only complete after the clock has been pressed. Strictly speaking White say nothing, let the clock run on and then claim a win on time !!!!
well spotted Jim you are or course correct. I've been informed this happened recently in a Scottish tournament

Jim Webster Wrote:Not sure that this is actually covered in the CS rules.

correct again but the arbiter has the right to appoint arbiters (or helpers ) in non rated tournaments before the tournament commences

Jim Webster Wrote:Only to ask the arbiter for rule clarification - but there are consequences. If this is deemed to be frivolous then the claimant is penalised.

not entirely correct , a player can pause a clock also to claim a draw if his opponent does not accept
All these intepretations are subject to the judgement or the arbiter, whose judgement is final. ken's judgement as usual is always sound and is final. I find this discussion interesting and helps me out for the next tournament

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