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Lothians Allegro 2012 - Saturday 7th January
lol It's why I leave my phone in the car Graham. I figure if I have it off I won't use it anyway, so why have the added thought in the back of my mind of it going off. :U

My sister lost all of her games, which wasn't a great surprise. She is still learning the concept of material imbalance being the most likely thing to win/lose a game, and frequently throws away her whole army for a pawn in return. I've been teaching her maths since February and we've done a bit of alebra in preparation for her going to high scool. Recently we have been using pawn = 1, queen = 9 etc in equations so that she can grasp the idea of one piece being significantly more valuable than another. So like: find x when x = pawn + rook + queen. lol :U

She isn't disheartened though, she is playing in the CFK later this month. I think she will find it more at her level. Usually the better juniors enter the adult Minor events. Big Grin

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