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SNCL 2015/16 Sorry for delay
Glynis Grant Wrote:The draw cannot be done until all the clubs let either myself or Andy know if they are playing. I have already apologised for my part in the delay but have asked you all to email me. Have I heard from your club George -- NO. Therefore I take it the draw can be done without your club.

You will also notice that my first notice was dated 18th Sept. It did state email me. Gave all clubs plenty of notice but I am still waiting for them to respond.

At this moment in time my Mam is my top priority. I've done my part (entry forms were sent out by me to the person who sends them on to the clubs and to the calendar website person). If you're not happy George, as I have stated for many years now, you can take over the organisation of SNCL. Vote me out in March!!

All clubs please email us before the 15th so that Andy has a week to sort out the draw.


LOL - every year the same angry outpouring at such a simple request.

A provisional draw a week or two before would be a nice touch. At least in divisions that are FIDE rated. If 1 team drops out then the the replacement is swapped in to that team's slot. It doesn't have to be made into a big deal

btw - Looking forward to Dundee this weekend - that's the one where the players are asked for feedback every year and do not get an earful if they offer it!

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