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Scottish Champions 2015
When I first saw this claim I thought it was a joke, albeit one in rather poor taste. The repeated claims, and their justification are, to say the least, unconvincing.

Had you managed to win the tournament you would apparently claim that you won everything. The Tournament, the Scottish Championship, the 50+ Senior Championship and the 65+ Championship.

The Tournament and Scottish Championship I can accept, but would you really insist on the two age championships?

Common practise in Scottish events is that nobody can win more than one major prize. This is something that I have been aware of for at least 9 years, and I have only been involved in chess for about 10 years.

You won your first Scottish Championship in 1977, your second in 2005, and you are trying to claim ignorance of this?

I find it rather distasteful that a two times Scottish Champion thinks it worthwhile to claim that he should gain two titles, and an extra £200 for one event.

If I recall correctly, there was a list of what title each participant was eligible for on the wall.

I played as a 'filler' on Tuesday 14th of July, and I clearly recall Alex McFarlane announcing, before play started, that the list was on the wall, and asking that everyone, repeat everyone, should check that they were correctly entered for the appropriate sections. This was the time you should have raised your concerns, not after the event concluded.

To be perfectly honest, this incident has greatly diminished your standing in my opinion.

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