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New constitution
WBuchanan Wrote:Do you mean they could try to insist on playing for Scotland?

That was not what I meant. Playing for Scotland and being SCO registered are not the same.

Unknown 'players' can try to register as SCO directly on the Arena website. The most CS will have to go on is a name and date of birth (and possibly an email address) when deciding whether to accept or reject such a person. If they are not already over the board players then they will be totally unknown.

Unfortunately there are always people who will take legal action. In Scrabble a few years ago there was a player took the association to court because a round started early. He won his entry fee back (which had been offered) but the legal fees involved for the Scrabble people were high. A chess player who had possibly been economical with his previous playing history won a court case against the Blackpool Congress organisers when they refused to pay his prize money.

If we are going to refuse people SCO registration there must be clear policies in place to minimise the risk of legal action. Someone who satisfies every criteria could be rejected simply because they are unknown.

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