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AGM - Matthew Turner
Matthew Turner Wrote:Just to clarify a couple of points

1. Why would I have to wait 2 years to play for Scotland?
Well, if I played before two years I would have to pay 5000Euro to FIDE.

Thanks for your response Matthew. This is the bit I don't understand - perhaps I am misinterpreting the regulations. I assume that this is the transfer fee that various people have referred to? I thought that this is only paid to accelerate the 2 year "residence requirement"?

My understanding was that you were not planning on being resident (hence all the hoopla regarding changing eligibility conditions as otherwise you could presumably have gone down the same route as Keti and Jacob). If residency is not required, then there is no requirement to accelerate this and hence no transfer fee. Am I missing something, or does FIDE have a different interpretation?

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