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Latest FIDE announcement
George Murphy Wrote:Sorry, Phil. I thought we’d agreed about the basic structure of the reforms set out in the new FIDE Regulations and their possible objective. (See our posts dated 6 March above). Now you seem to be swinging back to your original narrow and one-sided view.
Not at all George if you read my recent posting I wrote

For chess players these new regulations seem to condense into something that is surprising predictable.

= Answer all questions on the entry form.

= no change except there might a request for an email address.

As a chess player entering a tournament that is what I would do. Not worry about DPA /CS /other national bodies FIDE or how sensitive my personal e mail address is and who might use it for marketing.

Not clear on your reference to March 6th posts. That was the day when you got confused between oxymorons and idioms in your first paragraph. Given that as an introduction I did no more than skim read the other 8 paragraphs.

But I did say later" Suspect you're correct George in your analysis of FIDE's words and FIDE's real intentions"
Maybe my suspicions were wrong?

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