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International Fide events

I agree with most of the points you both make about the state of affairs - I've just differed in the partial solution I suggested. There didn't seem any point repeating the facts about the general decline in events. And I didn't read any criticisms of anyone into the postings from either of you.

The one factual point I wish to correct - as a Chess Edinburgh council member myself - is about the Edinburgh Congress. Taken from prior year minutes of the Chess Edinburgh AGM:

2013: "just over £400" surplus
2012: £469 surplus
2011: £762 surplus
2010: £636 surplus

This is patently not a loss for several years running. Are you getting it mixed up with another event? I can't remember offhand what the bank balance is but it shows a healthy surplus. This is certainly not to gloss over the wider picture - I do appreciate that many events are not that fortunate - Glenrothes being an unfortunate example. And Grangemouth was the first congress I ever played in: it is sad that it is no longer on the calendar. Hopefully Edinburgh will find a settled home in its new venue but we will have to see how things go in April.

Best of luck with your own club's potential congress. It would be a v welcome addition.

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