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MacIsaac trophy
I like the ideas quoted in Keith's post. I usually agree with George, but not on this occassion (sorry). The Grand Prix is a seperate event, with a completely different ideal. As I understand it, to realisticly win a Grand Prix prize, it is mostly inclusive of CS Members who are able to get about the country a lot to attend the majority of the weekend congresses. I don't see any real purpose to be throwing in the MacIsaac trophy to this event.

Would it not be really sad to see the death of the MacIsaac? I'd suggest that should be a last resort and every effort made to save it in the short-term and revitalise it in the longer term.

Last year the Elder had 24 entrants, 23 were U-1700. Given there was only 1 x 1700+ player, maybe we need to look at making the MacIsaac available to 1700+ or 1750+ players? I don't think that would dilute the quality too much, and most of the time the cream rises to the top anyway.

So make the Elder an U-1700 event, and make the MacIsaac a +1700 event, and maybe a few of those players in the 1700-1850 window who are not currently participating (of which there is many) can be attracted.

The low MacIsaac numbers of 6 from last season should not be hard to improve on. Even if there is only 8 entrants (probably the bare minimum for a decent competition), I'd say run it. Lets give it one more chance? The short-term target should be just stabilising the event and keeping it going, and longer-term building it back up.

I'd also like to see last years qualification criteria of Club Champion continuing. Our club had its first ever Club Championship with the added prize of qualifcation to MacIsaac no matter what your grade. It can add something to small clubs championships events.

I have encouraged all our members to enter either Elder or MacIsaac. We have 2 confirmed who will enter. Personaly I'd love to be able to enter the MacIsaac and try to win it (trophy or no trophy), but if I don't meet the eligibily will definetly be an Elder entrant. The knockout aspect doesn't put me off, nor does the midweek schedule. The regionalised early rounds seemed to be help the Elder tick along smoothly last season. I'd assume more flexibility comes in when things are not so regionalised as competitions reach the latter stages.

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