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Directors' reports
Derek Howie Wrote:Are you suggesting that directors are not obliged to communicate with members?

Derek Howie Wrote:The forum is an official forum of CS and it would be good practice for all CS directors to use it to communicate with members.
If the directors wish to communicate with the members then they normally do so on the formal website pages, rather than bury things in a Forum that not everybody reads. What is, in your opinion, good practice is not necessarily a view shared by everyone although it does have a degree of sensibility about it. But it is an individual viewpoint.

Derek Howie Wrote:There was a commitment made on the forum that the accounts would be made available before today and it seems a reasonable way of asking the question.
This was commented on at the council meeting - Guess you will need to wait for the minutes

Derek Howie Wrote:I'm not sure what your point is and why you think it's unreasonable for a member to expect an answer on such an important issue.
Are you suggesting that the only way for a member to ask about the accounts is to have it raised at Council?
Point 1 NO it is not unreasonable for a member to expect an answer on ANY matter raised. What I am saying that there is no formal requirement for Directors to respond to forum posts. The forum is a discussion board, not a vehicle for official communications.

Point 2 Am I suggesting ....? No, what I simply said was that the calling notice for the Council meeting offered a way for a formal question to be asked and replied to - thereby allowing both the question and the reply to be added to the minutes.

Anyway that's me off on a trip **== now - Thanksgiving in California calls - Turkey dinner and all

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