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Glorney Teams

I think it's you that's kidding yourself. Firstly, most of the volunteers who put the hours in to support junior and senior chess clubs and competitions have little or nothing to do with chess scotland. They certainly don't do it in the name of chessscotland and, in a lot of cases, it's hard to see where chessscotland adds any value to what they are doing. With regard to my initial point I do not think it is unreasonable to expect that some element of free coaching could be had from those individuals wishing direct financial gain from the delivery of coaching (online or otherwise). Some badging, licensing or registration system for coaches could be brought in (or use the one already in place through chessscotland) with the deal being that before youre registered you need to provide an agreed amount of coaching hours per year at no cost to anyone. These would be delivered as appropriate, in the name of chessscotland. I disagree with previous posters comparing chess to football, swimming etc. There are far fewer overheads involved in setting up a chess board or an internet connection and the cost base should be in proportion. We will never grow as a chess playing nation unless as a larger group we contribute more for less. I want chess to grow among the wider population not have it priced out of parents pockets and dwindle both in numbers playing and ability level, as I fear will happen if nothing changes.

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