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Commonwealth entries
Any updates on the entries? Would be nice to see the junior sections too.
Where is a Link to the event website on the main CS website news/calendar page eg to see list of entries?
Click the image at the top centre of the home page. It'll take you to the Commonwealth Champs website and from there you can view the entries. Big Grin
Thanks. IMHO it would be better to have a clearer link showing to the Congress website :-)
Looks like a full plane load is coming over from India !!- You could almost have a mini Indian national champ. Great to see such interest - it shows we can attract players if its staged well

I cant play as we booked the early (non inflated flight priced) family holidays in July - pity I'd like to have had a go at some of the big guns - perhaps next year!
Chess is big in India, I'm guessing anyone of IM or above will be funded for this. There are however at least 2 double entries that I can see... What about the top Scottish players? It's a bit embarrassing to have no one higher than the 2300s.
Are the Swiss pairings automatic ?
I would like to see more Scotland v India pairings and less Scotland v Scotland + India v India pairings.
This would suit all players. I am sure all the Indians travelling 4000 miles dont want to play themseleves every round. Let's have some flexibility.
amuir Wrote:I am sure all the Indians travelling 4000 miles dont want to play themseleves every round.

I don't know of any system that would pair players against themselves. But if it does exist, I know who my money would be on. Wink)
I have some sympathy with Andy Muir's view.
Unfortunately FIDE does not!! To make wholesale changes to a draw would result in and title norms being declared invalid. (I think we have had this discussion before.)

I will be updating the entry list today and expect to add a few more titled Scots in a day or two.
Looks good. Thanks for updating the entry list Alex.

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