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Online Chess Activity
Hi Guys
As you may know, I've been recently using my free time to look into online chess and how we could use it for the foreseeable future, at least until OTB is up and running again I've been helping other club set up an online presence on , setting up clubs, users, live and daily tournaments, inter-club live matches (as close as we can to resemble OTB chess) etc. I am also in direct contact with who says they will add features that i've asked for, particuarly club match PGN's and other minor features. I am also intending to set up an inter-club league for those interested. I've put together a crib sheet for anyone interested and if anyone needs help to either set something up or get organised, I'm more than happy to help. I think its absolutely essential to keep the body of local clubs active and its surprising to run into old friends online when they switched from OTB chess years ago (and they seem to be coming back) I've also set up a regional club called Lanarkshire chess League invitational , to eliminate the need for players to join loads of chess clubs, just to play matches.

As I said above, anyone needing help at all, just contact me

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